Did I Leave the Garage Door Open?

By Posted October 23rd, 2012

Once again I find myself sitting in Terminal C of the Denver International Airport, wondering if I closed my garage door when I left this morning.  Preparing to go out of town is always a challenge for me.  I have never been one to create a list of to-do items and stick with it.  As a result, things like remembering to forward my email, getting the dogs to the kennel before they close, making sure my son has enough groceries for the week, and not forgetting to pack my laptop power cord, all become a flurry of activity on the day I leave (and my family thoroughly enjoys the entertainment!).   Hundreds of random thoughts fly through my brain as I prepare to board my flight.  And, as I sit here waiting for my flight this particular week, pondering if I should call my neighbor to check on my garage door, I realized that if I was still working in a Payroll department, there is one thing I would never have to remember again – did I send out the monthly payroll reports before I left?

When I was a Payroll Manager for a large financial firm, this random thought could easily make my heart skip a beat.  First, panic sets in as you frantically think of who you can call to run the reports for you. Then the light bulb goes off.   You remember that you don’t have to call in any special favors because your reports and documents are all set up as scheduled jobs with auto-email distribution!   What a difference this feature can make in your daily life.  While you are busy with traveling, attending meetings, and living life, you no longer need to worry or set aside a special time each week to prepare and send out things like a Vacation Liability reports to Finance or tax verification letters to employees.  With the output options available in the Easy Documents and Easy Reporter solutions, all of these time consuming (and often tedious) reports and documents are completed behind the scenes without your intervention and help keep you focused on the task of calling your next-door neighbor for a favor instead.

These days it seems like everyone moves at the speed of light, and having to change direction mid-stride can often cause chaos in your routine.  I like to show our customers the emailing feature in our solutions when I do training and demonstrations because it can truly be a lifesaver. When you are scrambling just to get through your job each day, or like me, you have too many things to do at the last minute, scheduling reports to be distributed via email is extremely helpful.  I like to call it the “One and Done” scenario. Set it up once and you are done!  I find that a few minutes up-front in building these reports, documents, and email distributions will save me hours of time down the road. Which means I can take those extra hours and focus on more meaningful tasks such as assisting clients with their questions, answering emails, or even spending that extra minute in the driveway to watch the garage door shut!  Now, if I could only remember if I shut off the iron…