Creative and Modern Ways of Working? We’ve Got That!

By Posted October 16th, 2015

SpinifexIT_PhilippinesIn an era where cost reduction is crucial and space utilisation is prioritised over ergonomics, it is a luxury to be working in a company that invests in design, feel and employee comfort.

While most Philippine-based companies have standard sized cubicles which barely fit one’s desktop and offer very little elbow room, SpinifexIT is embracing futuristic ways of working not just through their systems, but also through their facilities.

SpinifexIT Philippines recently expanded and renovated its office facilities to accommodate its rapid growth. The recent renovation also paved the way for a warmer, more vibrant and even more refreshing environment that enables its team to work better creatively and proficiently while having fun.

The new office is an open, collaborative environment with ample space to work individually or as a team. Each workspace is fitted with a built-in file safe and paired with state-of-the-art office chairs. There are absolutely no dividers, allowing a 360° view of the entire space. With such visibility, teammates are never hard to find and are almost always available within one holler.

This setup provides more than enough space for the SpinifexIT team to enjoy the beautiful night views of the BGC Business District. If a break is needed, a bean bag conference room serves as a quiet, chill-out place for developers who need a working space away from their desks. This also serves as a meeting room where everyone could sit together and collaborate informally.

Need a quieter moment? SpinifexIT Philippines also built “Thinking Capusles” that have been described as similar to being in a spaceship with a dedicated recuperation or incubation pod. Each capsule even has its own lighting system and electric socket.

Another good investment of space is the central scrum area that transforms into a leisure room with its fully convertible desk/billiard table. Each side has an information wall that contains space for expressive works of art or the next project plan.

“We want to provide a working space where everyone is motivated and excited to come to work every single day,” shared Gregory Tutt, Global Solutions and Innovations Architect. “We don’t just invest in our systems and tools … which are awesome, by the way. The physical space we work in also matters, especially when we have to deliver within a tight deadline.”

Take a quick tour of SpinifexIT’s facilities – check out these photos and see how the team works and gels together in this collaborative environment.