Creating A Perfect Workplace at SpinifexIT Philippines

By Posted November 17th, 2014

What is your definition of a perfect workplace? Flexible time, well-designed office, fast internet, cool officemates? People may have different ideals when it comes to defining a perfect workplace. However, at SpinifexIT we believe that a perfect workplace is forged on mutual respect, positivity and trust, which is why we continue to invest in our people.

SpinifexIT's new Manila office

In a traditional corporate setting, it is the company that imposes values to its people. Here at SpinifexIT, our people define the kind of company we are. We always strive for excellence and yet we don’t forget to have fun along the way. We push for greater limits but we don’t stray away from our passions. We always try to find ways to bring creative and talented people together and inspire each other.

We promote a team-based culture where working in a fun and creative environment is important. Our Manila office, for example, was strategically designed to allow our employees to expand their imagination and remain as comfortable as possible. We strongly believe that happy and well-treated employees will exert extra efforts and ensure higher customer satisfaction.

Some companies would resort to downsizing their office space to save cost. At SpinifexIT Philippines, we put our people at the core of our business and as such we provide adequate and innovative space that enhances the motivation of our employees. It is important to us that our employees personalise their environment as they spend hours in the same place. We promote the well being of our employees by providing ergonomic chairs and desks that were specifically designed to bring comfort and lessen the stress of the workday on the our employees.

To put it simply, what makes our workplace perfect? Our people.
SpinifexIT Philippines Team