A post about posting: The payroll reports I wish I had years ago!

By Posted June 20th, 2013

This month has been a very interesting one.  I joined SpinifexIT on May 6th as a Trainer/Solutions Engineer because I was so impressed with the products.  Now that I am here, the products have exceeded my expectations.  Over the last few weeks, I have been learning the details of Easy Reporter, Easy Documents, Easy Help Desk, Easy Balance and Easy Clone.  I’ve heard my co-workers say the same thing, but I wish I had these tools when I was a Payroll Consultant!.

I don’t know how many times my clients complained about not being able to have an easy report writer that can combine PA, OM, Payroll and posting data.  We were constantly receiving requests for reports from the Payroll group that would include PA and OM data with Payroll Data.  A lot of our requests came from the Finance team and department managers who wanted reports on salary and benefit costs.  The only way to produce these reports (because it combined HR, Payroll and posting data) was to create a functional specification document for the ABAP team.  These requests were added to a list of other company requests and subsequently prioritized.  A cost analysis took place and the department who requested the report had to absorb the cost or the report was not created.  The process could take weeks or even months depending on available resources and priority.

Easy Reporter comes with pre-delivered reports that will meet most payroll and Financial posting data needs.  For example, the G/L Account Posting Detail Report and the Cost Center Posting Detail Report allow the user to run the report by G/L Account, Cost Center or symbolic (one of many selection options).  The report can also be run against a simulation posting (as shown in this screenshot):


The report output provides totals by the G/L account number or the Cost Center number (depending on how the report was run):


As you can see in the next screenshot, both reports allow you to drill down all the way to the employee and wage type level:


Using Easy Reporter’s e-mail functionality, you could set these reports to run and automatically e-mail the results to Finance Managers (G/L Account Posting Detail Report) and to the Department Heads (Cost Center Posting Detail Report).

I’m looking forward to learning even more about SpinifexIT’s software. Hopefully you and your organization will take a closer look (if you haven’t already!) to learn the power of these solutions like I am.  I can’t wait to share even more with you in future months!