2018 Strato’s New & Improved Features Takes Document Generation To The Next Level!

By Posted October 30th, 2017

Massive improvements are included in Strato Cloud Platform’s (2018 Strato) latest release.

Since its development in 2016, the Strato Team  has added new features to equip its users with the latest advancements that take document creation and generation to the next level.

2018 Strato has upgraded four key areas within the past 3 months:


Expansion of Data Sources

Strato can now include data fields from SAP On-Premise

Originally, Strato fetches information from SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and Recruiting. While these are essentials for organisations fully integrated to the cloud, Strato’s expanded version can now cover the document creation & generation needs of organisations using a hybrid platform (SAP On-premise + SuccessFactors).

This opens new possibilities to combine Employee Data with Payroll Data, which is vital for the creation of payslips, Total Compensation Statements, and more comprehensive employee documents.


Document Distribution & Routing

You can now route Recruitment documents for e-signing following our smart digital signature workflows integrated with DocuSign and AdobeSign.

This is very useful for organisations with a high volume of recruitment activities happening day to day. With routing and digital signature integrations, approving and distributing recruitment documents such as Job Offer Letters and Contracts has never been easier. This cuts down the recruitment process by eliminating the need for manual follow ups while making each activity 100% paperless.

Once the document has been completely routed, the signed document will be uploaded into the Candidate’s SAP SuccessFactors record for reference. No need to scan, save, and upload – Strato automates both the routing and documentation process that helps complete recruitment’s end-to-end process.


Produce Multilingual Documents

Organisations operating across multiple countries which require documents to be translated will highly benefit from this new feature.

Each document in Strato can now be translated in real time. Users can now create their document in one language, and then choose another language they want it translated to – it can translate to and from English (US, UK/AU), German, French. Dutch, Spanish, Chinese and more. Setting this up is as easy as selecting a language from a drop down list.


Enhanced Usability

Strato now utilises a seamless document creation experience that follows the core and advanced features of the most popular document creation tools, but with a simpler, easier to navigate user interface.

Users can now easily switch from one section to another with a single click, without having to save and exit each time. More formatting options has been included to customise each section, block of text, or page to fit your document designing needs.


Aside from these four major updates, Strato can now store documents within Strato or within an employee’s / candidate’s SAP SuccessFactors data. More features will be added into Strato to include expanded reporting features and help desk functions in the next few months.


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