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At SpinifexIT, FASTER and EASIER aren’t just buzzwords. They are an integral part of our mission. Our team of SAP experts produces innovative, user-friendly solutions and services that increase a user’s ability to access and optimize their most important HR and Payroll data. The result is enhanced HR reports and analysis, lower payroll support costs, more accurate payroll and tax reconciliation and improved strategic decision making.

Our customers represent nearly every industry and range in size from fewer than 200 to over 200,000 employees. No company is too large or too small to benefit from our reporting and process improvement solutions for SAP HR and Payroll.

Get to know SpinifexIT and you will learn why we’re proud to say we make HR/Payroll faster and easier.


Easy Documents leverages the power of Easy Reporter to gather data and generate and distribute custom employee documents, correspondences and reports – all without programming, scripting or manual data manipulation.

Whether you need to create performance review forms, compensation documents, benefits statements or any other employee document from SAP HR/Payroll, Easy Documents will save time, money, and valuable resources.

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