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At SpinifexIT, our passion is HCM. We produce innovative software solutions for SAP and SAP SuccessFactors that improve user productivity, produce more meaningful reports and documents and increase the effectiveness of shared service centers without costly custom development.

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Since implementing Easy Reporter and Easy Documents, we have seen a 75% reduction in the time we spend creating and distributing SAP HCM and payroll reports.

–Director, Human Resources

The ability to incorporate data from SuccessFactors and SAP has given us the flexibility to create truly integrated reports and interfaces.

–HCM Business Analyst

SpinifexIT saves our Payroll and Tax teams hours of reconciliation time every month over our old processes.

–VP, Payroll

SpinifexIT has become part of our vocabulary. Easy Reporter is really great and it’s paid for itself 10 times over.

–Manager, HR Systems & Process Integration

SpinifexIT solutions seem to solve everyone’s problems. Even IT has come to me and asked, ‘Can you do this with SpinifexIT so we don’t have to build it in ABAP?’

–HR Process Lead

Easy Help Desk has made it very easy for our shared services team to address any employee pay queries. That’s something we just couldn’t do before.

–Payroll Manager

Canadian Pacific Leverages SpinifexIT to Dramatically Improve HCM and Payroll Reporting

Canadian Pacific Railway, a rail and transportation provider that operates more than 14,000 miles of track across Canada and the US, chose SpinifexIT to enhance its critical SAP HCM and Payroll reporting processes. Watch the video to hear about the results of their SpinifexIT journey.

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